Residency Sanjeev Shankar

As an artist, architect and designer who explores the edge of reality, Sanjeev Shankar uses his training in design, architecture and science to merge traditional crafts-based knowledge with contemporary cultural trends. A recipient of the British Chevening and the DAAD fellowship from Germany, his work has been featured at the Royal Institute of British Architects in London; Centre for Architecture in New York; Smart Lab in Paris; Doors of Perception in Delhi and the Craft Nouveau session in Brussels. During his residency at FoAM Brussels, Sanjeev worked on two projects: WC Cafe and RUrban Permaculture.

WC Cafe

Toilets have been a source of taboo, embarrassment and humour in many cultures. This project explores the subject of toilets and defecation and aims to bring it out in the open. The intent is to create a cafe which makes toilet discussion a table discussion, thereby giving it legitimacy. WcCafe would serve coffee and snacks in an environment which is beautiful, refreshing and purposeful.


RUrban Permaculture

During his residency in 2008, Sanjeev explored aspects of human environment, its relation with ecology and our attempt to encourage more sustainable growth. The relevant fields of inquiry are urban ecology, sustainability, human plant interaction and biomorphism. The research explores ways in which we can transform our cities into productive, healthy, edible and playful green visions.