Four Seeds

Luminous Green 2007 consisted of four seed-gatherings, providing the participants with different opportunities to cultivate and propagate their knowledge about ecologically inspired & sustainable worlds. The four gatherings included the public symposium, hands-on workshop, expert gathering and the open lab.

Programme 2007 in Brief

  • 29-29.04.2007 Expert Gathering, organised by the Guild for Reality Integrators and Generators (gRig)
  • 30.04.2007 Public Symposium, with Srinivasan Soundara Rajan, Jennifer Leonard, Marko Peljhan, Carole Collet, Mike Longhurst and Joey Berzowska
  • 01-04.05.2007 Hands-on workshop, lead by Marko Peljhan and Maja Kuzmanovic, as a part of .x-med-k.
  • 05.05.2007 Open Lab, with the workshop participants, as a part of .x-med-k.

All Luminous Green activities (symposium, workshops and documentation) are in English.

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Innovating to solve the wrong problem usually fails as a strategy, and the problem we have today, I believe, is not that our climate is changing, per se, but that we have created an unsustainable civilization which is deeply instable. Therefore our task is not just to reduce our carbon emissions, but to do it in the context of a renewed and restored international order. (...) This, I am sure, is an all-or-nothing fight, because all these issues - climate, biodiversity, population, poverty, conflict, public health, toxics, terrorism - are all bound together and part of the same fabric. --Alex Steffen, Worldchanging